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We are one of the players in India’s virtual gaming scene, we offer fantasy cricket to ardent gamers with more people joining us each day. We know how cricket sport stirs up the fans and to keep them in an all time high.


Bite Squad

Bite Squad is an online restaurant delivery platform which offers a wide array of restaurants and filter & search tools to choose a restaurant and find dishes as per your needs and budget.


Health Service for you

H3U is a digital platform that assists you to connect with a wide array of wellness services and products. This digital platform offers a customized solution to the users as per their needs and requirements.



WCCEX is a global Cryptocurrency exchange platform developed and designed by the Appinop Team. This cryptocurrency exchange platform helps users to trade and invest in currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.



NetRent is a fully feturestick website that helps Australian people to find their dream destinations. It included many advanced features and filters, so people could find their homes at their desired location. This website is fast, easy to understand and completely SEO friendly.



HouseSimga is a real estate app that uses AI technology. With HouseSimga, buyers can obtain an accurate automated home valuation in no time.

Website & Mobile


Avax is a website designed but Appinop's best developers who provided users to buy and sell shares online.


Food, Grocery & more

Wishbox is an app for Food and Grocery delivery in Qatar. This app is designed by best developers of Apprinop which is a leading company of website and app development.

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