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Magento Development Company

E-Commerce Solutions to Scale Your Business

Our comprehensive Magento development services help businesses in seamless e-commerce development to appeal to new customers and deliver a high-end user experience to get higher business traction and turnarounds. To help you get the most out of the online retail business, we help you connect with a gamut of Magento development solutions to empower you to lead your way with e-commerce.

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Magento Development Services for Immersive Online Presence

At Appinop, we understand the power of Magento. We help in the creation of mobile-friendly and fully responsive e-commerce stores to explore every possibility of Magento. Having managed a number of successful projects, our team of professional Magento experts lead the way of top-class Magento development services in the industry.

At Appinop, our Magento 2 experts work in close collaboration with the development team to come up with highly customized e-commerce solutions that perfectly fit your business requirements. Our tailored solutions are designed to address specific business demand while reaching out to the desired target audience. Our certified Magento experts deliver end-to-end Magento development solutions to meet your unique needs.

At Appinop, we are not just limited to primary Magento development services. We also extend our service range to dealing with advanced Magento code to deliver a competitive edge to your business. Through our comprehensive suite of Magento 2 development solutions, you get access to improved performance, greater revenues, and better scalability for ample brand growth.

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Gypsie Blu

Gypsie Blu it’s not just a name or Brand. It’s the soul and passion of two people of different cultures different countries different backgrounds with similar goals of business, ethics & experiences……!

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Handy Imports

Handyimports is a powerhouse catering equipment supplier with the largest showroom Australia wide. They offer over 20 000 quality products across more than 350 brands plus offering exclusive imported lines all at the cheapest price guaranteed.

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Junama Prams & Strollers

JUNAMA is the leading Luxury Prams and Stroller Company - focusing on ultra-modern and funky pram designs, combined with latest technology and utmost safety for baby and mother in mind. All Junama Prams are 2in1 sets, meaning bassinet & stroller are included on one light aluminium frame – easy interchangeable.

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Kristopher Mark

Kristopher Mark Designs (KMD) is a multi-faceted fine jewelry company that is located in prominent Hunterdon County in Clinton, New Jersey. Kristopher Mark Designs has been providing custom design and manufacturing services to private customers as well as industry clients for over 20 years.

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Limitless Home

Limitless Home one of the UK's leading furniture specialists in Bedroom Furniture, Living room furniture, Sofas & Chairs, Dining Furniture and Office Furniture.

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Oussum is the one-stop online store for all your fashion wardrobe and home needs. Inspired by the international runways, celebrity looks and on-trend street style, Oussum offers exceptional fashion at pocket-friendly prices, delivered to your doorstep!

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Silgo is the celebration of Life & Love through the Art & Science of pure craftsmanship. Silgo have been at the forefront of modern jewelry design since 2016.

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Tuning Empire

Tuning Empire is one of the leading providers of luxury automotive accessories, customizing and tuning parts for selected prestige and European vehicles. No other company combines the depth of tuning products and specialist customisation services like Tuning Empire.

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Our Comprehensive Magento Development Services

We are one of the pioneering Magento development service providers to offer a range of dedicated services to cater to your unique business requirements.

Cstom Magento Web Development

Are you looking for a customized, feature-rich B2B or B2C e-commerce portal? Our experienced Magento developers can unravel the immense potential of open-source Magento to deliver access to third-party integrations, multi-vendor implementation, and Magento migration services.

Magento Theme Development:

If you are in search of white label Magento theme for your e-commerce website, we have got you covered. At Appinop, we offer access to highly functional and manageable front-end Magento theme development solutions from PSDs, PNG, JPG, and SKETCH.

Custom Magento Extension Development:

In case you are in search of a bespoke Magento extension for your e-commerce store or you wish to ensure a custom Magento extension to facilitate the SaaS services, we can build the desired solutions for you. With our solutions, you can expect bug-free coding as per the Magento development standards.

Magento Module Development:

Appinop offers the best-in-class Magento module development solutions for varied e-commerce store platform services across different formats. If you are developing an e-commerce store, you can easily scale up and customize the store while boosting its growth with the help of interactive Magento modules.

Magento Integration:

Integrate your Magento website effectively with a high-end backend system or useful external software to automate work processes. We help you execute your business strategy efficiently through seamless integrations. We allow you to integrate ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and other functional applications to the e-commerce store.

Magento Speed Optimization:

We help boost the speed of your Magento website significantly. Through our Magento speed optimization services, you can also enhance conversion rates, search rankings, and the overall store performance. Through our professional services, you can reduce operational lags and increase user engagement effectively.

Magento Migration Services:

Migrate from the alternate e-commerce platform or from the existing Magento 1 website to the high-end Magento 2 version to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to your users. We assure the delivery of seamless Magento migration services to suit your unique business needs.

Magento Support and Maintenance:

If your website features specific issues or you wish to improve the design or theme of the e-commerce website, we can help you in the best possible manner. Our experienced Magento developers will work 24/7 to monitor as well as optimize your e-commerce store.

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Magento 2 Development Services

Being a trend-leading Magento development company, Appinop has been successful in assisting global clients to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or developing Magento 2 from scratch. Our talented team has a deep knowledge and hands-on experience working on the core features and functionalities of Magento 2. We also take into consideration specific challenges that retailers tend to face during website or platform migration.

  • Magento 2 e-commerce store development
  • Magento 2 extension development
  • Magento 2 B2B B2C portal development
  • Magento enterprise app development
  • Magento 2 PWA development
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Magento E-Commerce Website Development

Leverage the expertise of our skilled developers in Magento for seamless e-commerce development solutions. We enable you to expand your Magento store to meet the specific goals. We also help in optimizing and coordinating customer experiences across different channels while improving performance and flexibility of the application. We can help with Magento e-commerce stores with leading features:

  • Reporting & analytics
  • Reliable content management
  • Order & shipping management
  • Data privacy and improved security
  • Marketing & promotions tool
  • Search engine optimization
  • Integrated content management
  • Integration section for blog
  • CRM and ERP system integration
  • Multiple payment options
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Magento Mobile Commerce Solutions

From the window to online screen, make your presence felt everywhere. With the ever-changing shopping preference of the millennials, online shopping through a mobile device is gaining a huge impetus. As m-commerce continues replacing e-commerce, businesses are not able to ignore the significant adoption of multi-mobile devices by modern consumers. We are a pioneering Magento development company offering enterprise-grade mobile app solutions with core features:

  • Mobile site design
  • Mobile commerce analytics
  • Mobile optimization
  • Progressive web applications
  • Mobile-friendly checkout
  • Mobile commerce integration
  • Mobile payment gateway
  • Mobile iOS implementation
  • Magento order management
  • Magento business intelligence
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Magento Commerce Cloud Solutions

Magento commerce is a PaaS or Platform as a Service or the cloud-based version of the Magento platform. Through our professional Magento commerce cloud solutions, we enable you to go beyond the boundaries of conventional marketing with respect to adaptability, scalability, and performance of your online business at a global scale. We assist our clients with faster time-to-market while delivering Magento commerce cloud services.

  • Commerce Cloud consultation
  • Commerce Cloud development
  • Performing tuning and monitoring
  • CRM and ERP system integration
  • AR & AI functionalities
  • Commerce Cloud architecture plan
  • Magento Commerce Cloud migration
  • Shipment and payment API integration
  • Commerce Cloud Setup & deployment
  • Third party API integration
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Magento 2 Migration Solutions

Migrate from an alternative e-commerce platform or from the existing Magento 1 store to the latest version of Magento 2. Through our Magento 2 migration services, we aim at creating a bespoke shopping experience for the end customers. You can leverage our professional Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services to unveil the immense potential of the high-end platform.

  • WordPress to Magento
  • Prestashop to Magento
  • 3dcart to Magento
  • WooCommerce to Magento
  • OpenCart to Magento
  • Shopify to Magento
  • Drupal to Magento
  • BigCommerce to Magento
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Magento Integration Services

From seamless payment gateway integration solutions to Magento integrations with a wide range of systems or even third-party services, PIM, or CRM, our team of Magento experts ensures effective integrations in a hassle-free manner. At Appinop, we offer access to a comprehensive range of Magento integration services -like payment gateways, finance systems, CRMs, PIMs, and more.

  • Shipping integration
  • Magento ERP integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • Magento CRM integration
  • Magento plugin integration
  • Magento BI integration
  • Magento SAP integration
  • Magento theme integration
  • Chat module integration
  • Lexware integration
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Magento Marketplace Development

Thinking of building an online e-commerce marketplace on Magento for your business, the process stops here. We have the best options to create fully-responsive and user-friendly e-commerce stores. At Appinop Technologies, we have a team of experienced developers and engineers who meticulously designs e-commerce solutions to fit every individual’s business requirements.

Our tailor-made services for every marketplace development are as follows:

  • B2C Marketplace Development
  • B2B Marketplace Development
  • Mult-Vendor Mobile Applications
  • Hyperlocal Marketplace
  • Grocery Marketplace
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Magento 2 theme development

Theme of your website portrays a view that users will experience when they visit your website, so it needs to be competent in all ways. Theme and visual aids are features that attract customers to online stores. And if you want a good Magento theme for your e-commerce website, Appinop will take care of your needs.

At Appinop Technologies, you can get access to the best manageable, fully-functional, appealing and user-friendly front-end themes. We offer the latest Magento theme development solutions from PNG, JPG, PSDs and SKETCH.

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Magento Migration Servicess

Migrations are always hard to perceive in Magento, whether from an alternate e-commerce platform or from existing Magento to Magento 2. Appinop provides migration services from data to products along with post-deployment assistance to businesses for an easy-going migration. And we ensure easy Magento migration without affecting the page authority and SEO rankings

With Appinop’s Magento Migration Services, give your user’s an exceptional shopping experience on your website.

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Magento Headless PWA Development

In this ever-changing tech world where we are surrounded by gadgets everywhere, businesses need to provide a better app experience to their customers. PWA is a technology that came to push the mobile web forward. It provides a native mobile app experience to users without making them download the app.

And with Appinop Technologies, you can get a fast, reliable, user-friendly and engaging customer experience for your website.

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Magento API Development

Application Programming Interface allows two software to communicate with each other by developing a set of protocols. API promotes a better mobile experience and new values and connects companies on the web. It is the best way to unlock digital transformations in businesses.

Appinop Technologies provides headless and latest development solutions for API development based on REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). A team of expert developers and engineers put in extra effort to keep your website easily accessible with any device.

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Magento B2B Development

When B2C marketing is concerned with transaction focus, B2B focuses on building personal relationships. In order to gain a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs, switching from B2C to B2B has become necessary for overall sales and revenue.

As B2B believes in making strong client relationships for long-term business growth, every business should consider B2B development. Here at Appinop Technologies, we’ve provided solutions for Magento B2B development to make a business reach the market peak.

You can also connect to buyers and sellers across the globe and build a global network with Appinop Magento B2B Magento Development services.

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Shipping Method Development

As the popularity of e-commerce platforms increases, online shopping has become an integral part of every life. Shipping methods is one such term related to e-commerce that involves rates & services used by a customer at the “check out” page. This software calculates information like what a user pays for shipping and the delivery time.

With Appinop Solutions, you can develop a quick and affordable shipping method for your website to increase your shipping options. Or we can say it is a more effective, efficient and diverse solution available to your users.

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Futuristic Magento Development Services

Appinop is committed to delivering state-of-the-art Magento commerce services to help your business grow.

Magento Business Intelligence

Ensuring businesses take smarter decisions by merging multiple data sources.

Magento IoT Solutions

IoT-based solutions ensure shopping through smart devices. We make use of cutting-edge IoT technology to boost website performance.

Magento AR Solutions

We allow development teams to upload 3D images of the product for the online e-commerce stores.

Magento AI Solutions

Solutions that are powered by Magento AI can streamline the process of inventory management to increase the overall efficiency.

Unparalleled Support For Magento E-Commerce Platforms

Appinop helps in bringing your e-commerce platform to life while providing unmatched e-commerce solutions for your needs.

Magento Business Intelligence

We help in dividing product data from multiple systems to attain a comprehensive view of the product data.

PoS Or Point Of Sale Software

Our PoS solutions are communicative with core inventory levels to ensure seamless balance in the system.

Inventory Management

We come up with a detailed strategy to source, store, and sell inventory that can be finished goods or raw materials, or even both.

Warehouse Management

We ensure controlling, processing, and optimization of warehouse operations -right from the start.

Logistic Management

We assist in attaining customer demands through effective planning, implementation, and management of goods.

Magento ERP Services

Our revolutionary Magento ERP solutions help clients in streamlining the routine store operations while engaging with customers depending on collected data.

Document Management

We offer access to software solutions that are capable of handling and organizing all the documents within the organization.

Payment Tools & Solution

Innovative tools and solutions are crucial for online businesses to operate seamlessly.

Hire Professional Magento Developers

We take pride in hosting a team of Magento developers having in-depth knowledge, skills, and expertise to deliver professional outcomes. We fulfill the objectives of our clients by ensuring that their success is ours. Hire our experienced Magento developers and make the most of your project!

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Why Appinop?

Award-Winning Magento Provider
State-of-the-art development facility
Well-trained and certified Magento developers
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Magento Development FAQs

Magento is a leading open-source e-commerce platform. It is a PHP-based platform that delivers access to highly customizable e-commerce shopping cart functionality while delivering improved control over the entire e-commerce website.

Magento is a popular e-commerce development platform offering advanced features -including faster checkout, interactive dashboard, multiple payment options, and multiple integrations.

At Appinop, our team of experienced Magento developers works closely with organizations to transform your business. Our developers take special care of your requirements and come up with a customized Magento development solution.
Yes. At Appinop, we have an interactive team of highly skilled and experienced Magento developers. Our certified Magento developers deliver access to a transforming business journey throughout.
Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built on open-source technology to provide online market space for traders. It provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system with the benefit of having control over the content and functionality of their store.
Depending on the project requirements and timelines, the time to build a Magento webshop varies for every business. Factors like designing, number of integrations, scope and other things also play a major role in timelines.
Hiring a certified and experienced Magento developer will lead to a full-functioning Magento e-commerce platform. You can check their experience in the same niche, certifications, developer’s skills, past clients and additional features they provide to make a fair choice. You will find companies like Appinop Technologies on the internet when you search for top Magento developers in India.
Many vital factors and points should be kept in mind by a business owner before choosing a Magento e-commerce development service provider: Start with transparent communication about your needs and requirements with the provider. Engage a team with experience in building solutions with the exact needs- it ensures that your vendor is working effectively. Always choose a Magento Development that offers businesses more than just development services. Choose the one that provides services like extensions development, designing, legal solutions, and post-development handling.
It is hard to put numbers on something that involves such complex requirements and inclusions in Magento development. The average cost to build a Magento range between The cost might vary depending on requirements like the type of integration and extensions you want, the number of developers engaged, project duration and many more. If you want to know the exact cost, contact Appinop Technologies and tell us your requirements.
Yes, we at Appinop Technologies provide 360-degree solutions for Magento Development. From making the e-commerce platform from scratch to store re-platforming, designing, scaling and optimizing, we assist our customers in any need. We are partners rather than a vendor who assist clients with every problem and provide the ideal solution for the successful functioning of their Magento website.
In order to start the Magento e-commerce platform development, the first step is to amylase the website requirements, visit a discovery shop, produce a plan for the future, and make a team. Then you can hire a professional Magento Development Company and take forward your project to phase II.
Magento Ecommerce Platform is ideal for a small and medium-sized customer base. Its effective customizability and product management make it an excellent catch for everyone. Magento provides better scalability and allows professionals to maintain and support it efficiently.
By choosing Magento as your e-commerce platform, you get benefits as any large-scale e-com platform, along with scalability and user-friendly features. Here are some reasons why you should choose Magento as your platform: It is an open-social platform which means free of cost for everyone. Easy to manage and has capabilities of integrating with third-party services. With the help of experts, you can take the benefits of conversion optimization, smooth scaling and advanced marketing tools to run your platform.
At Appinop Technologies, we provide Magento eCommerce Development Services only by certified and skilled Magento developers. We use certified developers to ensure that you get the best services from someone who has a relevant background and knows what they do. Our services are always aligned with official Magento platform recommendations, and that’s why we excel in building an excellent and fully-functioning e-commerce platform with optimum scaling capabilities.
At Appinop Solutions, we provide tailor-made Magento development solutions for every client as per their project timeline and requirements. Every project has a different size of the development team, which is decided after analyzing the project thoroughly to make it cost-effective for our clients. https://elogic.co/

At Appinop Technologies, we peculiarly design every project and assign team members according to the expected work. For the initial period, we keep a team of 5 as a standard one that involves:

  1. Business Analyst: The role of a business analyst is to look after the initial on-board process by analyzing the project’s requirements. Further, they provide a consultation to discuss the requirement breakdown, total project cost and timeline.
  2. Project Delivery Manager: The one who managed the entire project superficially.
  3. Developers: An integral part of the project as they are the one who brings out the product, i.e. e-commerce platform.
  4. Quality Analyst: The role of a Quality Analyst is to test the website to ensure that the product has met the company’s expectations or not.
  5. Server Administrator: The final step is to set up the server and deploy the Magento website by Server Administrator.
The point of contact for Magento Development Services can be anyone that you want as per your choice. It can be any assigned team member at any point in time. But, it is advised to be in touch with the Project Manager as they will provide you with the updates, and there will be no miscommunication. A Project Manager will ask you for feedback or suggestions that he will forward to the team to make the project meet the expectations.
Yes, Appinop Technologies excel in providing the best Magento Project Development Solutions in India. With a dedicated team of developers, analysts, engineers and project managers with more than 10 years of experience in the respective field. We have an in-house team of developers who work extra hard to handle your website precisely.
We at Appinop Technologies offer tailor-made Magento e-commerce platform development plans with unique inclusions and features. By doing that, we drive every possibility of the project going out of budget by comprehensively analyzing the project’s requirements. And further, offer the exact quotation of the project. We also keep our clients in the loop and supervise ongoing projects so that there is no scope of the budget going out of hand.
Yes, after completing the project, the sole ownership of the project is handed to the client along with the source code and access.
Appinop Technologies focuses on customer satisfaction before anything else. And that’s why we provide a support period for all our clients after the succession of your last milestone. You can also extend the support period in future by paying an incremental amount.